Brazil- The New Energy Tycoons?

Oh, the Gilded Age. An age were all seemed right, yet nothing was. In the years of reforms that followed it, mostly under Theodore Roosevelt, we saw oil trust being busted (mostly Standard Oil and Rockefeller) and people gaining reputations as "trust busters" (mostly Theodore Roosevelt).

Today, we're having some problems with oil. The Middle East seems to own most of it. We are therefore looking for new, alternative, solutions to our oil ills. One of those solutions seems to be energy from ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol made from stuff like corn and sugar. Apparently we can make our cars run on gasoline (or petrol in other places) and ethanol mixtures. But were will the sugar and/or corn to make ethanol come from? Brazil of course!

Brazilian sugar farmers seem to love the idea of ethanol. They'll get a fair amount of profit from the sale of sugar, sugar beets, and maybe corn to be made into ethanol (certainly not as much money as the people at Exxon or BP are making now). Is this revolutionary new ethanol fuel really feasible? Maybe…

Until then, I'll horde C&H Sugar, just in case…(BTW, for a short period of time, C&H was also a monopoly)

via [CNN]


~ by blitzboy07 on June 20, 2006.

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