Kim Jung-Il, My Dearest

I have recently seen one of you propaganda films on a website. I must say, I was surprised when I saw how beautiful your country is and how much your people revere you. Although I am not worthy of entering your great state, I would like to visit. Do allow me to go though, the video promised that I can meet pretty girls.

Worry not Kim, I’ll overlook the few flaws that North Korea has. I won’t look in the countryside, where your people starve. I won’t look at the demilitarized zone. I most certainly will overlook the fact that Pyonyang is not a real city, but a cluster of buildings which do not have electricity, water, or people in them.

I know people will want to learn more on this wonderful country, therefore I have posted the video.

NoKo for life!!


~ by blitzboy07 on July 25, 2006.

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