“No Bananas Are Kept Here!”

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No plantations are safe now that Hurricane Larry, has sadly, destroyed many of Australia's banana crops. For some reason though, Australians have gone bananas (you'll get the pun, don't worry).

Crates of bananas that were sold for A$45 before HL are now being sold for prices up to A$200! They have become so difficult to find, that bananas are now being traded illegaly by raiding surviving banana plantations.

Fruiters are so afraid of their plantation or store being raided for the precious gold stuff that they have put up signs which say "No bananas are kept on the premises overnight."

I expected nothing less from those crazy Aussie's.

via [The Times]


Free Telephony For All!

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Free Telephony!

Now you can call friends for free (if you have DSL and Skype)!

Skype is offering free calls to anywhere in the US and Canada with its VOiP client, Skype. The way it works (as far as I truly care) is by downloading the client at Skype, then you install it. You can then place calls to other people with Skype or people with normal phones. You need a microphone and sound system to do so of course. Unfortunately, you can only make outgoing calls, so no one can call you back, you need to pay for that service.

Finally, I can feel free from the NSA!


Update: Skype is no longer free as of December 31, 2006; however, at $19.99 a year, or something like that, it’s still somewhat cheaper than using a phone. You can also make your friends get Skype and you can talk to them over the client.

From Russia, With Love

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Russian Tech

It seems as if the Soviet Union might have been in a better situation that we thought. Recently, somebody built a wist of Soviet gadgets, in which we can see that the Russians enjoyed some of the same technological marvels that the United States did.

I'm glad to know that the Russians were able to make synthesized music with a keyboard called an Ecvodin Synthesizer. Ever wanted to make a "stereo" 3-D picture, how about a Nikon Stereo Camera, built by our communist friends of course. One of those stereo cameras will set you back up to $9500 today!

Well that's it for me, I'm taking my Soviet foldable helicopter to school and taking my KGB handbag spy camera to take nifty pictures with my comrades.

iPod? No thanks, my Russian transistor radio is the choice for me!

U.S. Spies on Everyone?!

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Where do we draw the line between freedom and security? After the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, people thought that we had to give up rights in order to protect our freedoms. Even radicals agreed on this. The Patriot Act was passed and now we see that the government has gone too far.

We have constantly been bombarded with the news that the U.S. Government has been asking telecoms to hand over records of calls made in their networks. Although some companies like Qwest have denied the government access to their data, many telecoms like AT&T and Verizon have agreed to give the government their records.

I should stop calling my shady connections in the Middle East now. I'm going back to using a can and string for my communications.

U.S. Spies on Everyone [Wired News]

The “Last Morning Ever Pill”

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Finally, a humane solution that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on. No more pro-life or pro-choice bandwagons, we have found a solution. The "Last Morning Ever Pill."

This pill allows a woman with an undesirable child to die, while the fetus lives on. Luckily, the procedure is not painful for the mother or the fetus. If a woman has a baby, "a near lethal dose of barbiturates is released [by the pill], which induces a coma in the expectant mother until the child is born, at which point a second, fatal dose is released."

If rape or incest led to pregnancy, you shall not have to deal with the shame and embarrasment. You end your problems and your child lives on.

Watch-out, in-laws everywhere are beginning to buy this pill. So wait a while before taking drugs from them.

New Anti-Abortion Pill [The Onion]

Playboy & MySpace, Well I’d Never!

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We all know that there's a lot of oddballs on MySpace now a days. Recently though, we've been overlooking the classic MySpace promiscuous beauties. Playboy though, never forgets its gems of the internet. Playboy recently announced its selection of nine women who it has chosen to call the "Girls of MySpace."

People seem to be a bit apprehensive about the way to call these girls. Many low-brow bloggers are calling them "girls" (Girls of MySpace) while mass media seems to have unanimously decided to call them "women" (Women of MySpace).

Regardless of their title, people everywhere have begun to crown their MySpace queens by making them part of their "Top Eight" friends (to the demise of many girlfriends) and sending comments galore.

I'm just glad that they didn't confuse any middle school "hotty" for a MySpace girl.

Heating Up Playboy with MySpace [via UNEASYsilence]

Update: Apparently this is the number one article on the blog, people searching for playboy and MySpace and all. So, here's what you're looking for. The pictures of the MySpace hotties were leaked. Do with them what you want, just don't involve me. BTW, sign up for my feed, or leave a comment.

Girls of MySpace: Unleashed via [UNEASYsilence]